The State Commission on Anthropogenic and Environmental Safety and Emergencies decided to expand the “red” quarantine zone. Since midnight on Friday, February 11, Zakarpattya, Lugansk, and Khmelnytsky regions are transferred to this zone. This was announced in Telegram Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleg Nemchinov.

In the “red” zone is prohibited:

  • the work of public catering establishments, except for targeted delivery and takeaway orders,
  • the work of shopping malls and other entertainment venues, cinemas, and theaters,
  • work of educational establishments except for kindergartens and elementary school,
  • operation of non-food markets and stores, gyms, swimming pools, and fitness centers,
  • holding mass events, except official sports events and matches of team game sports without spectators,
  • work of cultural institutions, except for historical and cultural preserves, film, and video filming.

In the red zone operation of banks, gas stations, veterinary stores, pharmacies, and all food stores are allowed. Educational institutions can operate if 100% of employees have a “green” Covid certificate.